Colegio Cooedumag, Santa Marta

The native QT2 three-phase microinverter facilitates the installation of a three-phase system at the Cooedumag School in Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia. The project involves the deployment of 54 QT2 units, generating a total of 117.72 kW, marking the initial implementation of this microinverter.

With a capacity of 216 545W photovoltaic modules, this project promises benefits throughout the 25-year operational life of the plant.

The electricity generated in three-phase applications contributes to ecological protection for the environment and represents a technological advancement for APsystems solutions.

Project name: Cooedumag School
Location: Santa Marta, Colombia
Installer: NASSA Solar
Capacity: 117.72 kW
Microinverter: APsystems QT2 208V
Number of microinverters: 54