Christopher Robinson on Apollo Solar’s Russell County Public Library Project

Christopher Robinson, founder of Apollo Solar LLC, has been a leader in the solar industry since 2019, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and sustainability. In a recent project at Russell County Public Library, Apollo Solar showcased its dedication to providing cutting-edge solar solutions. Partnering with APsystems, Christopher ensured that the library was solar-ready, utilizing the latest technology to optimize energy production. With the help of APsystems QT2 microinverters, Apollo Solar was able to maximize efficiency, ensuring safety and reliability throughout the installation process. The decision to make APsystems the primary microinverter was driven by reliability and performance, a choice informed by years of experience and a commitment to quality. Join us as we explore the success story of Apollo Solar and its dedication to providing top-notch solar solutions to it’s customers.

“APsystems microinverters are a great product that will last for years, and any future maintenance is easy. It gives us peace of mind for our clients. We enjoy working with a company dedicated to their product and are excited to meet tomorrow’s demand.”

“We work with APsystems products for these reasons: consistency, great tech support, maximizing individual panel performance, up to date NEC compliance without adding additional points of failure.”

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