The APsystems Installer Mobile App (ArrayApp)

The ArrayApp is an all-in-one mobile application designed to streamline APsystems microinverter installations by allowing installers to map a PV array, commission the ECU gateway device and complete the entire customer account registration process in the field through their mobile device during or after the project installation.

Using the app, installers can quickly and easily create the end user EMA account through which the customer can view their array performance. Microinverter serial numbers unit can be rapidly scanned using the app interface or, if preferred, a wireless barcode reader, and then configured into a virtual array map for convenient viewing of panel performance. Installers can then sync the microinverter serial number data with the ECU gateway for a commissioning step that’s as simple as the push of a button.

Once the steps of the ArrayApp are complete, and all required electrical connections have been made, and the system set up and commissioning are complete and system performance can be monitored by the owner through any web-enabled device via the APsystems Energy Monitoring and Analysis (EMA) at or through the EMA mobile application “EMA App”.

The mobile app is available for both Apple iOS and Android devices.

Click here to download the user manuals

The APsystems Energy Monitoring
& Analysis App

The Energy Monitoring and Analysis App allows APsystems microinverter system owners to track solar array performance in real time through their mobile device.

See system output by day, month, year and lifetime of the array, and calculate energy savings based on price per kilowatt hour.

The app also displays environmental savings in gallons of gasoline, trees and carbon emissions.

All data is displayed through an easy-to-use graphical interface.

The APsystems EMA App is available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple iTunes App Store. The app requires iOS 7.0 or later required and offers English and simplified Chinese language support.

The Android version is available for download here.

Click here to download the EMA App user manual

ALL NEW!  The APsystems Energy Communication Unit App

This smart phone application is designed to control and monitor an APsystems ECU-R as part of an APsystems solar microinverter system. App users can see the working status of the ECU-R and its inverters and can reset the device configuration.

The APsystems Energy Communication Unit-Residential (ECU-R) is the information gateway to and from APsystems solar microinverters. The unit collects module performance data from each microinverter unit and transfers this information to an online database in real time, requiring only an Internet connection (via wired CAT5 or Wi-Fi) and power cable. Through the APsystems Energy Monitoring and Analysis (EMA) cloud-based service, the ECU-R gives the homeowner precise analysis of each microinverter and module in their solar installation.

  • See the status and configuration of the ECU-R gateway and monitor each inverter
  • Display real-time energy production and other performance data
  • Connect ECU-R to the router to upload data to the server and control the ECU-R gateway
  • Obtain an IP address automatically or use a static IP address
  • Reset inverter IDs in the ECU-R
  • Reset the ECU-R to display current time
  • Reset the WIFI password